Classroom Consulting and Design for SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)

Designing and implementing routine and behavior monitoring as well as incorporating activities and modifications to bring forth peace and success in a child’s learning or play environment.

With a background in Occupational Therapy in the classroom, seeing a child struggle first hand with visual perceptual and auditory processing skills due to their inability to filter out extra stimulus helped me direct my focus on the environments they spend the majority of their time: outside of our 1-2 hours weekly sessions.

One in six children struggle with a Sensory Processing Disorder. Are you struggling to keep the attention of these children in your class, or is your child needing a change their bedroom/playroom, or are you a professional in a daycare or library setting who also works with children needing extra attention regarding their sensory needs? I can tailor a plan and design a space to help your children excel and find their peace.

With the tools I’ve learned in and out of the classroom as a COTA and taking concepts from the Montessori method of education where my children have grown up in, I’ve gathered the research and skills to create spaces that benefit ALL children. Let me take the stress away from you and help you and your kids or students thrive this year.

I can create an outline for you after observing and collecting your concerns or you can trust me with the whole process and let me get my hands on your project with ordering the supplies needed and using creative design to transform your spaces within your budget.

I will also be selling handmade personalized magnetic routine/behavior charts, fidgets and chew jewelry, and inspiring minimalist wall art for their room/classroom! Also, I plan to gather a Do-It-Yourself distance learning packet for those not able to meet in person. Check in periodically for those updates!

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