Finding Your Groove

It’s something I feel like is constantly a work in progress: finding my groove. We’ve been moved into Little Rock for 2 years now but barely settled. We’ve both been through major job shifts, we’ve raised 2 kids here, we’ve explored a smidge of what Arkansas has to offer through nature, we’ve met new friends, found our favorite spots to hang, and call our amazing house a home.

For the past several months, we’ve fought to call this our home. Matt was laid off from his 10 year long career he felt at home with. He was well known and well respected by everyone who did business with him. He has a true knack of working with others and wanting to make sure they are taken care of: one of a million other things we have in common. We were not blindsided by this difficult roadblock, however it takes some time to adjust no matter what the circumstances. For us, this meant becoming a one car family and a umm…zero income family. It is a humbling experience.

Thankfully he is a persistent soul who hates sitting on the couch. He applied everywhere. We contemplated a move to other states and a move to our hometown. I didn’t want us to go backwards. I nagged. I cried. This place saved me in more ways than one. I wanted to do everything we could to keep our momentum forward. It doesn’t help to be going through a “OMG I’M ALMOST 30 AND WE’RE STILL IN DEBT AND I HAVE NO CAREER” crisis. Even though America is all like “SAME,” it feels lonely and defeating.

It didn’t take too long before Matt found a place to plug in. Now we will soon be raising our credit score back up out of the slums. I’ve gotten creative with some family friendly business ideas and plan to start soon. We have insurance. We have support. We have a working beautiful car. We have public transportation. We have groceries. We have a house. We have Netflix. We have Little Rock. We have our beautiful babies. We have each other.

We may be finally getting to settle in now, but finding our groove really boils down to realizing how grateful we are for the things and people we have, ways we can serve others, and having determination and strength to jump all in. It’s not about being comfortable. I don’t think we’ll ever stop striving to create and learn and better ourselves.