I’m an almost 30 year old Louisiana native who married my best friend and love children so much I devoted a career to help them and a life to raise them. I think I tend to talk to children better than I talk to adults actually. ¬†I have a degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant but I’m currently spending my time avoiding daycare tuition and trying to be all the things as a mom wife entrepreneur and maybe even dabble into writing and creating. I’ve got a love for food and nutrition also. I’ve been into all of the fad research on the proper diet and have come to find that eating real food in it’s most simple form is the way to go…and then sometimes we drive through Chic-fil-a because let’s be real.

I plan to write about our life our projects my experiences in the pediatric OT education field and try to be a little inspiration to others as I venture through self growth as a mother a friend a wife and a neighbor.

For this new year I’m hoping to help parents educators and staff create spaces that benefit those children who need environments conducive¬†to increasing independence and controlling behaviors that hinder performance or increase anxiety. So stay tuned as I start that journey!

I’ll leave you with a little background story on how my website name came about. Long story short I devoted my first pregnancy to setting a goal for myself to have a natural unmedicated birth. Through much anxiety and doubt and concern from others I ended up enduring a beautiful 21 hour meditative labor that brought my beautiful strong willed energetic boy Jack into this life. My husband sent me flowers to my hospital room afterwards and the note said “To my wife: a wildflower and a warrior. I love you.” Not only were the words a beautiful sentiment but it’s exactly how I felt and how he said I looked during the process. It was the most empowering experience of my life. I since then have had another beautiful child Louisa who was also a powerful unmedicated birth. These words have fueled my desire to start some kind of business that’s main goal is to uplift and empower others. I’ve dabbled in the idea of branding it to fit a yoga business a doula business an Etsy shop and now I’ve landed on consulting to help these sweet little wildflowers and warriors excel in their learning environments! All thanks to my incredibly talented and hardworking husband I admire and learn from every day.

Check back for updates as I get this site up and running again!